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UE, SUA și reglementarea Internetului

O întreagă discuție s-a pornit de la raportul întocmit de către domnul Gunther Oettinger, Comisar European, raport care vizează activitatea companiilor americane. Europa are tot dreptul de a reglementa orice … Continue reading


O revenire la prima dragoste

In ultima perioada de timp, mi-am axat publicările pe subiecte de relații internaționale și mai putin pe teme de securitate energetica, cibernetica sau a infrastructurilor critice, nu fiindcă acestea din … Continue reading

07/05/2015 · 1 Comment

EU Commission sets out 16 initiatives to create a Digital Single Market for Europe

The European Commission unveiled its detailed plans to create a Digital Single Market, thereby delivering, it says, on one of its top priorities. At present, barriers online mean citizens miss … Continue reading


US DOD Cyber Strategy for 2015

On April 23, 2015, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter unveiled the Defense Department’s second cyber strategy to guide the development of DoD’s cyber forces and to strengthen its cyber defenses … Continue reading


See “FBI, Interpol Host Critical Infrastructure Symposium”

“FBI Director James Comey was in Miami yesterday July 7, where he spoke at the opening of the four-day International Law Enforcement Critical Infrastructure Symposium. The event, co-hosted by the … Continue reading


Fracking Europe

The availability of American shale gas and if and when it happens a settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue, of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Turkey’s (the most convenient point of … Continue reading


Energy and EU

Various countries have been over some time trying to harness tidal energy, but with little success until now. The biggest project until 2011 was the French “Usine Marémotrice de la … Continue reading


EU’s CO2 drop

Indeed the EU aims at creating a single, competitive European market for electricity. Despite some drawbacks, nuclear provides secure, long-term, zero-emissions power. Thus, a number of countries continue to pursue new … Continue reading


The Internet is under surveillance.

The Internet is under surveillance, that is a fact and no news. “US confirms that it gathers online data overseas”, said Charlie Savage, Edward Wyatt and Peter Baker in The … Continue reading


Why we need a sound Do-Not–Track standard for privacy online

This really is privacy and data protection week! In Brussels there is the “Computers, Privacy & Data Protection” conference and the Commission is soon adopting its proposal for a reform of the … Continue reading


It’s time to get serious about cyber-crime

What if a European country suddenly lost access to email, online media, government websites and home banking?  This isn’t the plot from a Hollywood film, but was the reality for … Continue reading


The clear role of public authorities in cloud computing

I’ve spoken a couple of times this week about cloud computing, so it’s a good time to blog about how the cloud is growing in importance in ICT strategy and … Continue reading


Publications on CIP

Publications on CIP In this section you will find a selection of 2012 and 2013 publications. Publications can also be searched via the JRC’s Publications Repository and the EU Bookshop. Monographs with JRC … Continue reading


European Commission – Institute for Energy and Transport

European Commission – Institute for Energy and Transport The Energy Security Unit developed and maintains for the European Commission policy-making services a web-based tool for visualisation and analysis of critical … Continue reading


European Commission on PIC

European Commission on PIC Critical infrastructure is an asset or system which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions. The damage to a critical infrastructure, its destruction or disruption by natural … Continue reading


Cyber-Defence an Risk Analysis terms

The risk analysis process is operated with a variety of terms such as threat, impact, risk, vulnerability, environmental risk, security risk, etc. The threat is the possibility of accidental or … Continue reading


“US should embrace its energy superpower status”

Have you read “US should embrace its energy superpower status”, by Mark J. Perry of the Investor’s Business Daily. “Once considered a source of vulnerability to America’s superpower status, oil … Continue reading


How the Protection of Critical Infrastructures differ

American utility companies are responsible for running approximately 5,800 power plants and about 450,000 high-voltage transmission lines, controlled by various devices which have been put into place over the past … Continue reading


EU vs. USA on CIP

The US is not part of an economic and political union as EU member states are (NAFTA is what it name says: a free trade area). But the US does … Continue reading


Legislaţie europeană (si altele) pentru PIC

Decizia Cadru [COM 2001] nr. 521 final din 15.09.2001 a Consiliului Europei privind definirea terorismului, Bruxel, Belgia, 2001. Hotărârea comună a Consiliului Europei nr. 2001/792/EC EURATOM privind „Sistemul comun de … Continue reading


Legislaţia naţională pentru Protecția Infrastructurilor Critice (PIC)

Legea nr. 51/1991 privind siguranţa naţională a României. Strategia de securitate naţională din 1991 – „Concepţia privind securitatea naţională a României“ – şi cea din 1994 intitulată „Concepţia integrată privind … Continue reading


EU’s need a “cohesion policy on security of energy supply” and a “community solidarity mechanism in general.”

The fact that the security of critical infrastructure has an economic dimension and the security of critical infrastructure is directly proportional to the financial investment in overall security system, as … Continue reading



Four possible vectors: • Vector 1: general exchanges of good practice on topics applicable to entire EU • Vector 2: external cooperation concerning designated ECI • Vector 3: external cooperation … Continue reading




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