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Despre terorism

As spune ca Terorismul este utilizarea de mijloace violente pentru a teroriza populația civilă a unei țări sau a unui grup de țări cu scopul de a forța guvernul/le acelei/lor țări înspre un anumit curs de acțiune.
Cei care se lupta pentru combaterea terorismului, își pun deseori problema legalității acțiunilor, de exemplu, este o întreagă poveste legata de drone, care deși sunt folosite în războiul împotriva terorismului, ele sunt încă ilegale, ca încadrare juridica. Printre numeroasele probleme ce țin de legalitate se numără și interceptarea comunicațiilor.


The Killing of Palestinian

The three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered in an area that remains fully under Israeli control, ie in a scene in Area C, where Palestinian intelligence cannot freely investigate. … Continue reading



Regulating spying at the international scale is a pipe dream. But governments nevertheless have to weigh the possible consequences of their action. Logging Angela Merkel’s mobile phone activity brings in … Continue reading


IAEA confirms that Iran has suspended some nuclear activities

Iran announced the suspension of uranium enrichment level of 20%, from Monday 20.01.2014. The enrichment level of 20% will be suspended as of Monday, according to a nuclear agreement between … Continue reading


Later on Iran

Given the dangers associated with a nuclear-armed Iran, Obama is right to keep the military option alive. But he is also right to strongly prefer a diplomatic outcome. Leadership changes … Continue reading


North Korea

Allow me to say that my feeling for the begining of 2014 is that not Iran will be the main discussion but North Korea plus China, because of the South … Continue reading


The full text of the EU Council conclusions is here

I. COMMON SECURITY AD DEFENCE POLICY (1). Defence matters. An effective Common Security and Defence Policy helps to enhance the security of European citizens and contributes to peace and stability … Continue reading


The Iskander

The 9K720 Iskander (NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) is a mobile theater ballistic missile system produced and deployed by the Russian Federation. The Iskander may have several different conventional warhead … Continue reading



EU and Turkey will resume the accession negotiations. Negotiations were never terminated but pauses occur. Even if the EU Commission and Ankara reach an agreement for Turkish membership of the … Continue reading


The Internet is under surveillance.

The Internet is under surveillance, that is a fact and no news. “US confirms that it gathers online data overseas”, said Charlie Savage, Edward Wyatt and Peter Baker in The … Continue reading


The power of the Internet

Human motivation is organized around a system of interconnected needs. When needs are suppressed, ignored, diverted or trapped in the vicious circle of superficial gratification, the result may be a … Continue reading


The interview

The gathering of information by interviewing human resources requires that such information is credible. This can be achieved by several methods, but the interviewer has only techniques that are applied … Continue reading


OSINT – a risky must

The transitions to the information society and the increasing degree of democratization and openness of the contemporary societies have considerably increased the importance of open source (Open Sources Intelligence – … Continue reading


Agreement about Judgments Does Not Prove Identical Reactions

A strange thing about psychology is that there’s a whole body of people called “researchers” who will not associate with the people who are practicing! Somehow the field of psychology … Continue reading


Tips to fit in

Knowing the features of non-verbal communication, the specific behavior patterns reported by foreign persons is essential to achieving the goals of an dialogue, as follows: Assertion messages, more or less … Continue reading




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