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O părere înainte de week-end

Deși, în temeiul dreptului francez Charlie Hebdo poate publica legal caricaturi cu privire la orice subiect, mă îndoiesc însă cu privire la înțelepciunea de a folosi o caricatură a profetului … Continue reading


Crăciun fericit! Merry Christmas!

Am trimis și eu urări de Crăciun fericit, la un număr foarte restrâns de persoane. De ce un număr foarte restrâns? Fiindcă l-am tot micit de-a lungul anilor din motive … Continue reading


No wonder they want to be independant. When you feel you are walking on money.


It’s a wonderful time

It’s a wonderful time to be pursuing a new career and it always makes my day to hear from readers, whether it’s asking for advice or sharing what you’ve been … Continue reading


Success is rarely rewarded adequately

Success is rarely rewarded adequately if failure carries little or no consequence. From middle management up employees are so egotistical and wrapped up in their own advancement that they do … Continue reading


Is intuition magic?

Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, fast and slow” and a coffee macarone – this is a special end of a Sunday for me! “Daniel Kahneman is one of the most influential psychologists … Continue reading


A language, a culture

Every language has certain phonemes. These are, in most cases, the main causes of difficulties in acquiring a foreign language, context plays an important role. It is not enough to … Continue reading

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Agreement about Judgments Does Not Prove Identical Reactions

A strange thing about psychology is that there’s a whole body of people called “researchers” who will not associate with the people who are practicing! Somehow the field of psychology … Continue reading


Tips to fit in

Knowing the features of non-verbal communication, the specific behavior patterns reported by foreign persons is essential to achieving the goals of an dialogue, as follows: Assertion messages, more or less … Continue reading




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